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Increase Your Affiliate Revenue

Build long-lasting partnerships with brands that reward you for featuring their Amazon products. Earn more commission with our 14-day attribution window that is in addition to your Amazon Associates commission.
Easily integrate DealMojo into your workflows with our centralized dashboard where you can manage campaigns, download performance reports, track affiliate income and receive automated payouts.
Spend Less Time. Earn More Money.
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Publisher Benefits

Earn Bonus Commissions from Brands Open content arrow
Earn bonus commissions on top of your Amazon Associates commissions. You manage the campaigns on our DealMojo affiliate platform and earn more with the same amount of effort.
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14-Day Attribution Window Open content arrow
Get credit for attributable Amazon sales over a 14-day window, earning more from the same content.
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Streamlined Brand Partnerships Open content arrow
Streamline the search for Amazon products that match your audience’s interests. Easily join campaigns with bonus commissions and standardized agreement with Brands.
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Reliable Performance Data Open content arrow
Review campaign performance data and export comprehensive reports with just a few clicks.
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Automated Billing & Payouts Open content arrow
DealMojo tracks the commissions you get from brands without labor-intensive billing or tedious spreadsheets. Receive a consolidated monthly payout.
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Free. Always. Open content arrow
There is no fee for publishers to join DealMojo and partner with brands. Invite your team to manage the account without any additional cost.
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